Traumaprojects worldwide.


In the past 12 years, main areas of application for projects were China and some countries in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. The first EMDR Congress in Bali 2010 promoted and strengthened the network and the development of EMDR ASIA. These are major structural building projects.

Projects in Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya were developed in Africa with a more moderate funding capacity.

After the 2010 earthquake, we temporarily supported EMDR Haiti.

The Middle East shaken by war and expulsion will be a focus in the future, we support projects in Kurdistan and Lebanon.

For this work we received 2 awards from TraumaAid Europe.



Projekt Kenia Trust

Project Kenya Trust

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Projekt: Ruanda – Burundi

Rwanda Project - Burundi

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Projekt Kurdistan

Kurdistan Project

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Projekt Libanon

Lebanon Project

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Myanmar/Cambodia Project - Mekong 3

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Projekt Nordirak / Kurdistan

Northern Iraq / Kurdistan Project

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Projekt Myanmar/Kambodscha

Myanmar / Cambodia Project - Mekong 2

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Projekt Mekong

Mekong Project 1

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Projekt Aceh / Indonesien

Aceh Project / Indonesia

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