Traumaprojects worldwide.

South East Asia

first 4 Asian psychologists were trained in EMDR. With the tsunami disaster in December 2004, our work actually started. The local partner was the non-profit psychologist organization Himpsi Jaya. The project was funded by the children help organization terre des hommes Deutschland and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation.

The steps:

  • On-site evaluation to identify needs with Indonesian psychologists
  • Training project completed in 2010:
    50 psychologists in EMDR and Trauma therapy, three Asian EMDR trainers, 120 trained social workers in MPSS
  • 3228 treated patients, including 1500 children

Middle East

In order to improve the traumatic impacts on the refugees in the Middle East, TraumaAid has started training projects in northern Iraq / Kurdistan and Lebanon together with terre des hommes.

30 local psychotherapists were trained in traumatology and EMDR and looked after clients in 6 clinics. Another 30 therapists are still in training and will be completing it in 2018.


Even 23 years after the 1994 genocide, large parts of the Rwandan population still suffer from highly complex trauma problems.

The population of Burundi is similarly traumatized, and has equally experienced genocides and currently suffers from an unstable and partially violent political situation.