Trauma Therapy.

What is Trauma

A mental trauma is a mental injury from an external event such as natural disasters, acts of violence, war, losses and a dangerous escape. This challenges the psychological protection mechanisms of those affected and leads to a kind of blockade in the brain. This can result in  symptoms, such as obsessive  memories, concentration disorders, irritability, depressive symptoms as well as sleep disturbances and not infrequently posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

However, in most cases, the human brain is still able to cope with such psychological trauma without therapeutic help. This self healing usually takes place in the first weeks or months after the stressful experience.

With approximately 1/3 of the affected people this processing no longer succeeds and they keep the afflictions (or parts thereof). In the case of concentration disturbances, this can lead to discontinuation of education or professional activity, and in the event of irritability, to the breakup of families.

Such people need urgent help otherwise they deteriorate with time and slip off socially.

EMDR is one of the two treatments recommended by the WHO for posttraumatic stress disorders. It has also proven itself in various cultures since the affected person does not have to describe all the details of the experience.