Trauma Therapy.

Corona crisis and reduced contact - Providing help especially now with new forms of intervention

After a year of standstill in Kurdistan we were able to successfully resume and continue our two seminars. The second EMDR seminar and the second TPSS+ seminar took place in Dohuk at the end of May/beginning of June. All participants and also the trainers were very satisfied, there were no real setbacks in the training and also very few drop-outs. Despite great difficulties, all trainees were able to show success in treating patients. We owe this mainly to the high motivation of the participants and the dedicated work of the local German therapist, who is employed by the local organisation Green Desert and CVT- Center for Torture Victims-. She had been able to maintain contacts, counselling and supervisions. The long interruption could thus be bridged without major setbacks.


Why TraumaAid is so important

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Erbil/North Iraq: Working with children in the refugee camp