Trauma Therapy.

Corona crisis and reduced contact - Providing help especially now with new forms of intervention

The restrictions of public everyday life in Kurdistan, due to the current global situation, require a reorientation of our work in order to maintain contact with the people we support: Instead of seminars with many participants, we are now developing measures through our on-site therapist Mirjam Goihl and the employees of Green Desert, which are intended to cushion the additional overload caused by the corona crisis:

  • Educative spots about psychological self-care published through local television and social media
  • Videos with group exercises for young people in the camps, which are also distributed on social media
  • Small group training in self-care for nursing staff engaged in the treatment of corona cases

With your donation you support the development of these -intensive measures and the local staff involved.


Why TraumaAid is so important

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